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Bespoke Training Course

Tailor your training experience with our bespoke training course. Choose from a variety of modules to create a customised learning program that meets your organisation's specific needs.  Our bespoke training course allows you to select sections from our core training modules that align with your current business requirements. Mix and match these sections to create a personalised training agenda tailored to your team's needs.  


  • Targeted Learning: Focus on areas of importance to your organisation.
  • Flexibility: Choose areas from the modules that align with your current priorities and challenges.
  • Customised Solutions: Address specific pain points and objectives with tailored training content.

Course Contents

You can select areas from the following modules:

  • Quotes module
  • Facilities Booking module
  • Projects Module
  • Intuitive BI Dashboard
  • Concept Report Writer
  • Evolution - Help-Desk Administration
  • PPM Management
  • Evolution System Administrator
  • MRI Evolution GO Standard activity including Portal
  • Stores and Purchase Order
  • And more…

Please request what you would like to be trained on and MRI will recommend the appropriate sections.


Participants should have a basic understanding of relevant concepts related to the selected modules. Prior knowledge in specific areas may be beneficial for certain modules.


Training sessions will be scheduled according to your team's availability and preferences. Each session typically runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with breaks for lunch and refreshments.