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Concept Report Writer (2 day course)

This two-day Concept Report Writer course provides a comprehensive exploration of report designing and layout using Evolution. Participants will learn to create, format, and align reports, add various elements such as headings, titles, lines, boxes, and logos. The training covers the use of calculated fields, manual addition and linking of tables, grouping and sorting, applying static filters, creating calculated fields, and adding summary values. 


  • Efficient Report Design: Acquire essential skills for efficient report design and layout in a two-day course, enhancing your overall proficiency.
  • Accurate Data Presentation: Learn to identify table and field names using Evolution, ensuring accurate and precise data representation in your reports.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain hands-on experience in incorporating charts, utilizing filters, and working with calculated fields, empowering you to create comprehensive and visually appealing reports.

Course Contents

Overview: Understand the key concepts and functionalities of the Concept Report Writer in this two-day course.

  • Report Design Basics: Learn the essentials of report design, including layout and properties.
  • Field Identification: Identify table and field names using Evolution to enhance report accuracy.
  • Report Creation: Develop skills in creating new reports, setting properties, and defining master tables.
  • Formatting Tools: Utilize formatting and alignment tools for enhanced report aesthetics.
  • Element Addition: Add columns, headings, titles, lines, boxes, and logos to reports for improved presentation.
  • Calculated Fields: Explore the use of inbuilt calculated fields and manually add/link additional tables.
  • Grouping and Sorting: Learn effective techniques for working with grouping and sorting in reports.


A foundational knowledge of the system is recommended for effective engagement throughout the two-day Concept Report Writer course. Participants should have a basic understanding of Evolution to easily identify table and field names for accurate report creation. Some familiarity with basic report writing concepts will enhance the learning experience during this comprehensive course on the Concept Report Writer.