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Facilities Booking Module (1 day course)

This one-day course dives into the Facilities Booking module, covering module basics, setup, and comprehensive booking management. Participants will learn to configure bookable locations, publish buildings, and create bookings using various methods like the planner and room selector. The training includes hands-on experience in managing bookings, handling catering and inventory, registering visitors, and ultimately completing the booking process for efficient facility management.


  • Confident System Use: Develop ease in navigating and utilizing the Facilities Booking module effectively.
  • Efficient Booking Proficiency: Acquire practical skills in setting up and managing facility bookings for streamlined event operations.
  • Enhanced Event Planning: Learn effective catering, inventory, and visitor management techniques, optimizing overall facility booking and event coordination.

Course Contents

Module Overview:  Understand the core functions and purpose of the Facilities Booking module.

  • Setup Mastery: Acquire skills in configuring the module, including course names, catering menus, and inventory.
  • Location Configuration: Learn to create and configure various bookable location types.
  • Booking Creation: Understand different methods of creating bookings, from the booking form to the planner and advanced room selector.
  • Publication Process: Explore publishing bookable buildings and locations to Evolution and Reach accounts.
  • Comprehensive Booking Management: Gain proficiency in managing bookings, including confirmation, part bookings, and catering and inventory requirements.
  • Visitor Registration: Learn the process of registering visitors within bookings and through visitor management.
  • Booking Completion: Master the final steps of completing a booking, ensuring a streamlined and efficient facility management process.


Basic familiarity with the system's interface is recommended for effective engagement throughout the course. Participants should have foundational knowledge of event management concepts to grasp the intricacies of facility booking setup and management. Prior understanding of location configuration and resource handling will enhance the learning experience during the one-day course.