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Foundation Skills (3-day course)

This course spans three days, covering various aspects of the system. On Day 1, participants delve into task management, user preferences, and task cancellation. Day 2 focuses on asset management, including PPM scheduling, dormant records, and hazards. Day 3 explores advanced topics such as managing disciplines, creating SLAs, handling instructions, and overseeing contracts. The course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the system's functionalities. 


  • Efficient System Use: Develop confidence in navigating and utilizing the system effectively.
  • Streamlined Task and Asset Skills: Acquire practical skills in task and asset management for improved operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Proficiency: Learn advanced features such as SLA creation, instruction set management, and contract oversight, optimizing comprehensive system utilization.

Course Contents

Day 1:  Introduction, base system & helpdesk setup  

  • Introduction, system overview and navigation 
  • Suppliers & contracts
  • User setup & permissions
  • Property & Estates
  • Task settings
  • Helpdesk settings
  • Contacts & reporters
  • Logging a reactive breakdown task 

Day 2:  Asset & PPM management  

  • Asset overview
  • Asset configuration & setup
  • Task Instructions
  • PPM overview & setup 
  • PPM scheduling & management
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Resource Overview & setup 

Day 3:  Task Management & other features  

  • Assigning tasks 
  • Task life cycle & management
  • Resource planner overview 
  • Document setup 
  • Compliance management
  • Service Level Agreement settings
  • Module overview 
  • Reporting options
  • System setup recap 


Basic familiarity with the system's interface is recommended for effective engagement throughout the course. Participants should have foundational knowledge of task and asset management concepts to grasp advanced functionalities. Prior understanding of resource allocation, contract handling, and system navigation will enhance the learning experience during the three-day course.