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Evolution GO Standard Activity (1 day course)

This one-day course provides comprehensive training on MRI Evolution GO Standard activity, including Portal usage. Participants will learn about the general setup and usage of Evolution GO, portal administration, device management, notifications, document handling, branding, and Evolution GO settings. The training also covers publishing activities in the portal, device settings overview, task activity testing, audits, surveys, adhoc task creation, asset management, supervisor activity, and profile setup options. By the end of the course, attendees will be proficient in effectively utilizing MRI Evolution GO and its associated features.


  • Confident System Navigation
  • Streamlined Portal Control
  • Enhanced GO Utilization

Course Contents

  • Evolution GO Basics: Gain confidence in navigating MRI Evolution GO, including its general setup and usage.
  • Portal Management: Learn about portal overview and administration, including user creation and editing.
  • Device Handling: Acquire skills in applying, updating, and editing user devices for seamless access.
  • Notifications and Documents: Understand notification setup, including geo-notifications, and effective document handling.
  • Branding and Settings: Explore branding options and Evolution GO settings for personalized usage.
  • Task Activities: Learn how to publish activities in the portal, import and manage GO tasks.
  • Adhoc Tasks and Asset Management: Master adhoc task creation and get an overview of GO asset management.
  • Supervisor and Profile Setup: Understand supervisor activities and profile setup, including RAMS options.


Basic familiarity with MRI Evolution GO interface is essential to effectively engage with the course content. A foundational understanding of user management concepts will aid in comprehending portal administration and device handling. Prior knowledge of notifications, document management, and task activities will enhance the learning experience in the Evolution GO standard activity, including the portal.