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Help-Desk Administration (1 day course)

The course provides comprehensive training on using the system's features for efficient task management, resource optimization, and streamlined documentation and compliance. Participants will learn to navigate the interface, create and manage tasks, assign resources, handle documentation, and implement standardized procedures. 


  • Efficient Task Management
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Streamlined Documentation and Compliance

Course Contents

  • Introduction and Navigation: Familiarize users with the system's interface and easy navigation.
  • Task Management: Efficiently create, organize, and manage tasks using grid functionality, filtering, sorting, and queries.
  • Resource Assignment: Easily assign call events and resources to tasks, optimizing workforce allocation.
  • Documentation and Compliance: Assign and manage documents, instruction sets, and requirements for streamlined compliance.
  • Task Categories and Priorities: Categorize tasks and set priorities for better task organization and prioritization.
  • Cost and Expense Management: Work with cost centres, codes, and expense categories for financial tracking.
  • Resource Planner: Configure and utilize the resource planner to plan and schedule resources effectively.
  • Instruction Set and Status Management: Create and manage instruction sets, PPM status, and permit classes for standardized procedures


To gain the most benefit from this course familiarity with the system's user interface and navigation is essential before utilizing the task management features effectively. To optimize resource allocation and assignment, users should have a clear understanding of call events and resource management within the system. Prior knowledge of task categorization, priorities, and compliance procedures will facilitate seamless implementation and utilization of the platform's advanced features.
Recommendation – To complete Evolution Foundation Course.