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Intuitive BI Dashboard (1 day course)

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the Intuitive BI Dashboard module, covering chart and gauge creation, grid components, and effective data filtering. Participants will learn to create, publish, and update dashboards, integrating them with the Reach Intuitive widget. The training culminates in understanding the Reach page interface in comparison to Evolution or Connection interfaces.


  • Enhanced Data Visualization: Acquire skills to craft compelling charts and dashboards for improved data representation.
  • Efficient Data Analysis: Streamline your data analysis process through mastery of drill-down and conditional formatting techniques.
  • Optimized Decision-Making: Utilize intuitive widgets to expedite decision-making, ensuring quicker and more informed choices.

Course Contents

Module Overview: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Intuitive BI Dashboard and its key modules.

  • Chart Components: Learn to create charts with and without drill-down features for detailed data exploration.
  • Gauge Components: Develop skills in building angular and linear gauge components, along with an overview of count gauge components.
  • Grid Components: Create grids with conditional formatting and drill-out options for effective data presentation.
  • Filtering Data: Explore techniques for filtering component data and creating filter components.
  • Dashboard Creation: Gain hands-on experience in constructing dashboards and learn the process of publishing and updating them.
  • Intuitive Widgets: Understand how to configure intuitive widgets and arrange the layout of widgets within the dashboard.
  • Reach Page Interface: Get an overview of the Reach page interface, comparing it to Evolution or Connection interfaces for better navigation and understanding.


Participants are advised to have a foundational understanding of the system interface for effective engagement throughout the one-day course. A basic knowledge of Business Intelligence concepts is recommended to grasp the intricacies of dashboard creation and data visualization. Having some prior experience in creating dashboards will enhance the learning experience during the course on Intuitive BI Dashboard.