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PPM Management (1 day course)

This course offers comprehensive training in asset management, covering asset creation, hierarchy, and condition control. It also delves into efficient planned maintenance planning, including schedule creation, resource management, and insightful reporting. 


  • Efficient Asset Management
  • Optimised Maintenance Planning
  • Insightful Reporting

Course Contents

  • Asset Management: Master asset creation, hierarchy, and organization, including systems, tags, types, and condition management.
  • Efficient Planning: Learn PPM schedule creation, family task overrides, and auto-issuance setup for streamlined maintenance planning.
  • Insightful Reporting: Explore PPM reports and graphs, gaining valuable maintenance performance insights.
  • Dormant Record Control: Manage dormant records on the PPM planner effectively.
  • Resource Management: Learn resource allocation using the PPM planner for optimized task execution.
  • PPM Status and Locking: Gain control over PPM status and locking through the planner.
  • Hazard Management: Understand hazard addition to assets and PPM schedules for improved safety.
  • Historic Analysis: Overview of past PPM issues and Planned Maintenance Summary for informed decision-making.


A basic understanding of asset management principles is essential for grasping the course's advanced asset-related concepts. Familiarity with maintenance planning terminology and practices will aid in effectively engaging with the course's PPM scheduling and reporting aspects. Prior knowledge of safety protocols and hazard management will enhance comprehension of the module's focus on hazard addition to assets and PPM schedules.