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Quotes Module (1 day course)

This one-day course covers the Quotes module extensively. Participants will learn about module preferences setup, requested quote reasons, and managing both issued and requested quotes. The training includes updating quotes with costs and documentation, approving or rejecting requested quotes, adding markups, and efficient quote management within tasks. Attendees will also master the art of quote duplication for streamlined and effective quotation processes.


  • Confident System Navigation: Develop ease in using the system for effective participation.
  • Efficient Quotation Skills: Acquire practical skills in quote setup, management, and cost markup.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: Learn effective approval and task integration techniques, optimizing overall quote management.

Course Contents

Module Overview:  Understand the core functions of the Quotes module.

  • Preference Setup: Acquire skills in configuring module preferences.
  • Requested Quote Handling: Learn to set up reasons and manage both issued and requested quotes.
  • Cost and Documentation Updates: Understand the process of updating requested quotes with costs and documentation.
  • Approval Management: Gain proficiency in approving, rejecting, and returning requested quotes.
  • Markup Addition: Learn to add markups to requested quotes before client issuance.
  • Task-Integrated Management: Explore efficient quote management within tasks.
  • Quote Duplication: Master the technique of copying quotes for streamlined and effective quotation processes.


Basic familiarity with the system's interface is recommended for effective engagement throughout the course. Participants should have foundational knowledge of quotation concepts to grasp the intricacies of quote setup and management. Prior understanding of approval processes, task integration, and cost markup will enhance the learning experience during the one-day course.