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Sales Invoicing Module (1 day course)

This one-day course provides comprehensive training on Stores and Purchase Order modules. Participants will learn to navigate the system interface and understand various store models available. The training covers stock management, including creating stock groups, charges, locations, and items, along with stock issues, returns, adjustments, and hazard assignment. Additionally, the Purchase Order module is explored, encompassing supplier management, cost centers, tax codes, purchase order line items, approval limits, purchase request activation, goods receipting, invoice registration, payment allocation, and purchase order completion. Attendees will gain practical skills for effective stores and purchase order management.


  • Smooth System Interaction
  • Streamlined Inventory Control
  • Enhanced Financial Proficiency

Course Contents

  • System Introduction: Understand the course's focus on Stores and Purchase Order modules.
  • Efficient Stock Management: Acquire skills in stock groups, charges, locations, items, and hazard assignment.
  • Streamlined Stock Operations: Learn stock issues, returns, adjustments, and cost management techniques.
  • Supplier Handling: Explore supplier creation and management within the Purchase Order module.
  • Cost and Tax Control: Understand cost centers, tax codes, and purchase order line items for accurate financial tracking.
  • Approval and Request Process: Master approval limits and purchase request activation, ensuring controlled procurement.
  • Goods Receipting and Invoicing: Learn goods receipting, invoice registration, and payment allocation processes.
  • Purchase Order Completion: Gain practical skills in completing purchase orders and working with blanket orders for efficient operations.


A basic understanding of the system's interface is essential to effectively engage with the course content. Familiarity with stock management and procurement concepts will aid in comprehending the complexities of stores and purchase order modules. Prior knowledge of financial tracking and supplier management will enhance the learning experience in cost control and purchase order handling sections.