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System Administrator (1 day course)

This one-day course covers fundamental tasks of an Evolution System Administrator. Participants will learn to create and manage user accounts, roles, and permissions, assign license types, and handle document repositories. The training also encompasses account profile creation, system settings, validation rules, system event types, and query management. By the end of the course, attendees will possess essential skills for efficient Evolution system administration.


  • Confident System Control
  • Streamlined User Management
  • Enhanced Configuration Proficiency

Course Contents

  • User Management: Learn to create, copy, and manage user accounts for effective system administration.
  • Role and Permission Setting: Acquire skills in role creation and permission assignment for controlled access.
  • License Assignment: Understand how to assign license types to users for optimized functionality.
  • Document Handling: Master document repository creation and management, including class and subclass control.
  • System Configuration: Explore account profile creation, system settings, and validation rules for tailored setups.
  • Event Type Management: Learn to create and manage system event types, enhancing system control.
  • Query Handling: Develop query creation and management skills for organized data retrieval.
  • Efficient Administration: Gain the necessary skills for smooth and efficient Evolution system management.


A foundational understanding of the Evolution system's basic interface is crucial for effective participation in this course. Familiarity with user management concepts will aid in comprehending the intricacies of account creation, role setting, and permissions. Prior knowledge of document management and system configuration will enhance the learning experience in handling repositories, event types, and queries.