Open Training Courses - Horizon – Lease Receivables Management

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Horizon – Lease Receivables Management

Designed for staff with an active role in inputting, updating and retrieving information on receivable leases. 

About this course 

The aim of the training session is to provide an understanding of the Lease Module within Horizon including the Lease Agreement Wizard as well as know how to create and manage Leases within the Horizon system and to be able to carry out business processes associated with Lease Management.


  • Overview of the Database Module & Horizon Data Structure
  • Overview of the Lease List Screen & the Lease Agreement Wizard
  • Creating New Lease Agreements via the Lease Agreement Wizard
    • Deposits
    • Lease Options
    • Lease Clauses
    • Rent Reviews
    • Demand Set Up
    • Reviewing Lease agreements via the Lease Agreement Wizard
    • Finalising Lease agreements via the Lease Agreement Wizard
  • Updating Records in a Live Lease
    • Rent Review Updates
    • Lease Assignments
    • Lease Renewals
    • Exercising/Updating Options
    • Tenant Move Out (Termination)
    • Lease Templates
  • The Workplace
    • Detailed Enquiries
    • Wizards
    • Reports
  • Lease Management Processes & Reports
      • The Rent Demand Process
      • Horizon Standard Processes
      • Horizon Standard Reports
      • SSRS Reports


£600 per delegate 

All prices are shown subject to VAT. 


Training will:

*Commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at ~5.00 p.m.

*Include a break of 1 hour for lunch.

*Include two scheduled breaks of 15 minutes.