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MRI Document Management Training Package - System Admin Training

This training package is aimed at System Admin Users that will look after Document Management system, manage users, permissions and troubleshoot issues.


To ensure that the organisation’s Admin staff have sufficient knowledge of MRI Document Management Admin Module and can provide technical support to employees, create and manage system permissions and user accounts, troubleshoot end-user issues, and configure the system to adapt to any new or changing requirements.


The consultant and client will, prior to the consultancy, agree details of the session, confirm start and finish times and any prerequisites.

  • Attendees familiar with MRIDM Document Management System
  • Person(s) who are responsible for: Person(s) who will be responsible for system administration once the MRIDM System goes live
  • Person(s) who have sufficient understanding of Person(s) who have sufficient understanding of the current and future business needs of the organisation to enable decisions relating to entities, retention policies and content types to be agreed.
  • Entity Security
  • Entity Types
  • Entity Meta Data
  • Locations
  • Content Types
  • Retention Policies
  • Linked Entity Types
  • Roles
  • User Reports
  • System Reports
  • Autofiler Profiles
  • Autoletters Profile
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  • Should your organisation have Recurring Services or Pre-Paid Credits then you can utilise these for this consultancy. If you would like more information on either of these options, please contact our Solution Optimisation Team
  • The purchase of more than 1 package may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This is remote delivery; should you wish to have this delivered at your organisation a separate quotation can be provided.