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MRI Finance Enterprise Consultancy Package – OpenAccounts System Utilities

This consultancy package is aimed at companies who have been using MRI Finance Enterprise (OpenAccounts) for some time and wish to undertake a refresher in understanding of the concepts of Systems Utilities, including company creation, company/system and user parameters, setup of users/user profiles and menu structures/security. 


The operational review should identify aspects of MRI Finance Enterprise (OpenAccounts) which are not being used as efficiently as possible, identify knowledge gaps within specific teams and provide an insight into whether the current configuration suits the business requirements of today.  On completion of the course participants will: 

  • Be familiar with the concept of System Utilities and user security within OpenAccount.
  • Be confident at training users on system navigation.
  • Be able to create and maintain users, profiles, licences, and access rights.
  • Be able to understand the concepts of Forensics 

The consultant and client will, prior to the consultancy, agree details of the session, confirm start and finish times and any prerequisites. Maximum of 4 people in total.

  • Attendees familiar with OpenAccounts basics.
  • Person(s) who are responsible for:  System Administration.
  • Person(s) who have sufficient understanding of the current and future business needs of the organisation to enable decisions relating to parameters and area structures to be agreed.
  • Test &/or Live OA company(ies) available for training.

This consultancy package includes:

  • Initial meeting to discuss high-level objectives including any areas of concern.
  • Review all existing User setup and Profiles to determine improvement.
  • Setting up Profiles.
  • Creating and maintaining users.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Reports and Audits.
  • Forensics.
  • Provide a document confirming current OpenAccounts User setup and outlining go-forward recommendations. 
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  • Should your organisation have Recurring Services or Pre-Paid Credits then you can utilise these for this consultancy. If you would like more information on either of these options, please contact our Solution Optimisation Team
  • The purchase of more than 1 package may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This is remote delivery; should you wish to have this delivered at your organisation a separate quotation can be provided.