MRI Horizon - Accounts Receivable (AR)



MRI Horizon - Accounts Receivable (AR)


About this course


The aim of the training session is to provide an understanding of the Accounts Receivable processes within the Accounting function of the Horizon system and thus be able to carry out business processes associated with these areas.


  •  The Rent Demand Process
  • Immediate Demands
  • Reprinting Demands
  • Reversing Demands
  • Crediting Demands
  • Rebilling Tenants
  • Write Off’s
  • Enter Receipts
  • Assigning & Allocating receipts
  • De Allocate Receipts
  • Receipting, Assigning & Allocating a Deposit
  • Tax Receipts
  • Tenant Refunds
  • Viewing Tenant Balances
  • Transaction Enquiry Screen
  • Display Demands Screen
  • Display Receipts & Display Receipt Assignments Screen
  • Aged Debtor Report
  • The AR Unassigned Cash Report
  • The AR Unallocated Cash Report


To gain the most benefit from this course, attendees should have good navigation skills within Horizon and an understanding of their data structure.


 £2,375.00 plus VAT (Pricing is approximate.  Confirmation of the price will be provided at the time of booking).


9:30am - 4:30pm (UK time) including a lunch break