MRI Horizon - IFRS16 Refresher Training (3-hr)



MRI Horizon - IFRS16 Refresher Training (3-hr)


About this course


This session is intended for existing clients that have used the IFRS 16 functionality.  (The session excludes lease set up and IFRS16 configuration.  If that is required the full IFRS16 sessions should be undertaken). 


  • Recognising costs
  • Options
  • Manual recalculations
  • Override of asset amounts
  • Discount rates
  • Impact of setting calculation start and end dates, etc
  • Reporting
  • Closing the periods


To gain the most benefit from this course, attendees should have good navigation skills within Horizon and an understanding of their data structure. The assumption is that IFRS16 calculations are already beign run within Horizon and that attendees have an understanding of IFRS16 calculations already.


 £1,140.00 plus VAT (Pricing is approximate.  Confirmation of the price will be provided at the time of booking).


9:30am - 12: 30pm (UK time)