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MRI Housing Enterprise BPM Consultancy Package – Void Alerts

Our Void Solution core product allows the management of empty properties from the initial notice from an existing tenant, right through to the re-let to a new tenant. This Void Alert solution enhances this standard core product to allow you to send automated workitems and/or email alerts during the process. Whilst titled Void Alerts, this same solution can send automated workitems and/or emails during the lettings process for those Clients using our Property Lettings Solution.


This new offering provides configurable alerts to update users and teams on the status of the void throughout its re-let cycle (both on the void property and lettings streams). This provides greater visibility of the status of the void through the whole void cycle and reduces manual processing and errors and the automation provide quick and timely updates across your business.  Easy to configure, it will allow you to keep the void management streamlined and effective and in your control of any configuration changes should your business processes change at a later date.

This consultancy package includes: 
•    Deploying the workflow package in a non-live environment in working hours.
•    Analysis of your current setup & processes Property Lettings and Void Management.
•    Detailed guidance and assistance to configure the alerts to meet your business needs.
•    Deploying the workflow packages and configuration to your Live environment – Out of Hours.


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  • Should your organisation have Recurring Services or Pre-Paid Credits then you can utilise these for this consultancy. If you would like more information on either of these options, please contact our Solution Optimisation Team
  • The purchase of more than 1 package may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.


This remote delivery; should you wish to have this delivered at your organisation a separate quotation can be provided.