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MRI Housing Enterprise Training Package – Common User Management and Security

Everyone needs a User ID to log in to MRI Housing Enterprise, but how are they set up? What’s the difference between a User and an Officer? How do we decide what functions a User sees when they log in and subsequently progress through the system. All will be revealed!!


Having appropriate access to the functions a user needs, in a logical order, means they are more efficient and less likely to make innocuous but potentially costly errors. Having the knowledge on how to set up Users and their security profiles means system administrators can confidently deploy security and answer queries from auditors when required.


Taken overall or as individual options, these sessions include: 

Officers and Users: 

  •  Setting up Officers and Users.
  • Copying Officers and Users.
  • Users and LDAP Integration.
  • Entry Points / Property Categories.
  • Deploying Main Menu’s, Launchpads, Function Menu’s homepages etc.


  • Program, Group Users etc.
  • Teams and Roles.
  • Housing Function Menu.
  • Tabs and Buttons.
  • Useful options (e.g., disable automatic highlight, identify current system).
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