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MRI Housing Professional Health Check – Complaints and ASB

The Health Check consultancy package will review your set up and processing around the Complaints and ASB areas and provide a report detailing potential areas of improvement.


Business processes change over time, team members change potentially taking knowledge with them if they leave. New features become available in the product. A Health Check will help you identify areas where improvements to either processing or knowledge can be made via a comprehensive report identifying High, Medium and Low priorities as well as the size of the work required. 


This health check includes a review of: 

  • Complaint types, categories, escalations.
  • Complaint processes.
  • ASB types, categories and escalations.
  • ASB processes.
  • Worktrays.
  • Letters and reports.


  • Please complete the form opposite to request costs for this option.
  • Should your organisation have Recurring Services or Pre-Paid Credits then you can utilise these for this consultancy. If you would like more information on either of these options, please contact our Solution Optimisation Team
  • The purchase of more than 1 package may attract a discount - please contact us to discuss your requirements.
This is remote delivery; should you wish to have this delivered at your organisation a separate quotation can be provided.