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Qube PM Consultancy Package - Access Security Roles

Access security roles within Qube PM provide the mechanism to prepare appropriate system access for users. Roles often reflect job functions and ensure system users have access to the required data, functions, routines, reports while restrictions ensure data integrity is maintained.


Using a series of appropriately prepared roles allows for individual user rights to be managed efficiently and with greater control. Move users between roles seamlessly, amend permissions for groups of users and achieve peace of mind knowing new users are assigned the required system access from day one.


This 2-day session includes:

  • Discussion to establish requirements
  • Review existing role setup
  • Workshop with core team to provide guidance with setup of new roles, amend existing roles and how to assign/unassign role users. The team will be tasked with creating required roles following completion of the session.
  • Training provided on restricting access to specific modules/fields
  • Q&A session follow-up session to address any queries
  • Transfer of existing users to the newly created roles