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Qube PM Consultancy Package - Automating Routines

Work with the consultant to ensure key reports and routines are scheduled to run on a time to basis without user interaction. Benefit from the setup of crucial system validation and housekeeping routines with the output distributed to nominated individuals.


You may be aware of the need to run crucial system level maintenance routines on a regular basis, but you may not know exactly which routines are significant and how frequently they should be used. To compound this, running these routines manually can be time consuming and potentially overlooked. This consultancy package is focused on providing the peace of mind that each of the recommended routines is scheduled to run automatically, and on a timed basis. Not only is this a more efficient approach, it will also allow for greater system optimization and help maintain data integrity. Further efficiency savings can be achieved as significant reports and operational processes can also be automated and distributed to the relevant people.

After an initial consultation to understand what your goals are and what processes/reports you would like to streamline, we will setup standard housekeeping routines such as fund verification and nominal reconciliation. We will provide instruction on how to self-serve in the future.


This 1-day consultancy package Includes:

  • Initial discussion to confirm routines to be automated and establish requirements for reports and routines to be scheduled
  • Set up batch routines to automate required routines, processes and a single report
  • Review session to confirm setup