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Qube PM Consultancy Package - Credit Control

Achieve a targeted approach to credit control by producing appropriately detailed tenant debtor reports and leverage standard functionality to improve credit control processes. Auto-generate tenant arrears letters and the posting of interest on late payment charges. This consultancy package also includes training on each of the elements.


Increase efficiency by utilising standard functionality to streamline your credit control processes. Produce professional looking arrears letters across the entire portfolio, or for a subset off data, benefiting from the automated ageing of debt and escalation of severity. Achieve time saving benefit by introducing a credit control workflow process, providing an auditable series of steps creating greater visibility for system uses.


This 3.5 day consultancy package includes:

  • A review of your arrears letter setup, and the default criteria to produce/send
  • Creating new arrears letter templates
  • Configuration of admin charges when sending arrears letters
  • Configuration to enable calculation & posting of interest on late payment
  • Review and assist with setup of escalation procedure for bad debt.
  • Training on the above configuration and how to run the processes with the newly created documents