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Qube PM Consultancy Package - Service Charge Year end Processes

This consultancy pack is focused on creating a streamlined yet auditable process beginning with budget creation and culminating in completing the Service Charge year-end. Leveraging standard functionality, we will endeavour to establish key considerations, complete appropriate setup and provide training on the relevant on the process. There will also be an opportunity to review the enhancements within the ‘Practice’ environment and request changes ahead of implementing within the ‘Live’ system.


Achieve greater efficiency through implementing a defined, auditable process utilising workflow functionality. Retain control by standardising the process and provide greater visibility of the current status both operationally and using reports. Benefit can also be gained from automation achieved using workflow.


This 2-day consultancy package includes:

  • Set up a service charge budget and year-end workflow processes within your ‘Practice’ environment
  • Provide training on the above processes to a core team
  • Discuss feedback provided following a period of review
  • Make minor amendments identified during review
  • Add workflow processes into the ‘Live’ system