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Qube PM Consultancy Package - System Health Check

This consultancy package is specifically targeted to focus on achieving greater system optimization. Working within your ‘Live’ environment, the consultant will run a comprehensive series of maintenance routines across each of the functional modules within Qube PM to identify any issues with data integrity, identify potential inaccuracies, provide best practise advice and outline recommended next steps.


Part of using a system efficiently is to ensure data has been optimised as comprehensively as possible. There can be direct benefits to end users such as faster searching, quicker reporting and improved data integrity. The consultant will provide advice concerning how to achieve this.


This 4-day consultancy package includes:

  • Running of crucial system routines
  • Review system routine outputs and set up batch routines to automate in the future
  • Identify and discuss any potential archiving opportunities, providing advice about how to achieve
  • Provide advice about how to anonymise data within Qube PM
  • Review core data using reports to check data including tenant salutation, email/print correspondence preferences etc
  • Provide advice on aspects including imbalances during nominal reconciliation, service charge end of year balancing errors, unsettled receipts, unsettled journals, open purchase orders
  • Provide a written report advising any further action to be taken to achieve greater system optimisation