Qube PM - Direct Debits (exclusive)

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Qube PM - Direct Debits (exclusive)

Designed for staff who will have an active role in inputting, updating and retrieving Direct Debit information.

About this course

CPD Value 6 points


  • Proactively manage cash flow
  • Satisfy customer expectation
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of receipt handling


  • An overview of the Qube PM procedures necessary to implement Direct Debits
  • The creation and maintenance of Direct Debit Mandates and Payment Plans
  • An understanding of the difference between Direct Debit Mandates and Payment Plans
  • An understanding of the need for Payment Plans and the creation and maintenance of the records and notifications
  • The production of the export file
  • Examples of the reports produced as a result of the export routine including any exceptions


To gain the most benefit from this course, attendees should have good navigation skills within Qube PM and a basic knowledge of funds and financials. They should also have a basic understanding of how Direct Debits are uploaded to the bank. 


Delivered remotely via Teams: £1,380 per day for up to six attendees.

Additional attendees: £100 per person.
The maximum number of attendees for a course is 8.

All prices shown are subject to VAT.


Training will:

*Commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at ~5.00 p.m.

*Include a break of 1 hour for lunch.

*Include two scheduled breaks of 15 minutes.