Qube PM - Informal Learning (exclusive)

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Qube PM - Informal Learning (exclusive)

This is the opportunity to work with a trainer on a one-to-one basis. In effect these are “hand-holding” sessions where you can benefit from the advice and expertise of a trainer without the constraints of a formal training course. The course is run for Qube PM customers.

About this course


  • Improve the use of the Qube PM system
  • Maximise returns from the use of Qube PM
  • Bridge gaps in user knowledge


The intention is that these days lead to a more efficient and broader use of Qube PM through discussion with a user on their role and existing use of the application.  Typically, the user will be shadowed by the trainer, who would offer suggestions as to how their use of the software could be improved. Whilst there can be other ways of approaching the day, the emphasis remains on guiding users to be more effective in their roles.

Delegate Profile

For all users of Qube PM software.


£1380 per day plus VAT. 

All prices shown are subject to VAT.