MRI Sales and Lettings - Front Office Lettings Workshop (exclusive)

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MRI Sales and Lettings - Front Office Lettings Workshop (exclusive)

This course is designed to assist users to understand, and get the best use out of, the Lettings Front Office module, to help manage the lettings process from MA to check in.

About this course

CPD Value 5 points


  • Stay in touch with new/current clients
  • Marketing
  • Diary management
  • Efficiencies with notes/feedback, etc.
  • Assist with client's process from offer to move in (including areas for RTR and money laundering)


  • Managing landlords
  • Managing applicants
  • Lettings processing
  • Marketing options
  • Data maintenance

Who should attend?

All staff that are involved in the process, from initial enquiries to check in.


Delivered remotely via Webex: £1,260 per day for up to six attendees.

Additional attendees: £100 per person.
The maximum number of attendees for a course is 8.

All prices shown are subject to VAT.